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#385923 - I gave Harry a quick kiss on each of his wounds and told him he gets to take control of my body once this whole Triwizard bullshit is done with then proceeded to sneak out of the hospital wing naked with a pussy filled with cum wrapped in Harry’s cloak. The student led me to a tent then went about his business i entered the small and pokey tent and found myself in a very large fancy giant tent i honestly don’t know why Harry gets so amused by this whole bigger on the inside thing. I watched Victor pant in front of me complementing me on how tight and amazing I was I just stood there and laughed at him I looked at my watch and waited a few seconds then next minute my pussy began to expand a little and more hairs grew out making it look more like my pussy my boobs grew larger my face twitched my hair grew out revealing my true self in front of Victor seeing the horror and shock in his face was priceless and knowing he just tainted his dick with a non virgin girl was just the revenge

Read Natural FGO Hitozuma-san wa Beit Chuu~ - Fate grand order Carro FGO Hitozuma-san wa Beit Chuu~

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