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#108645 - i quickly swallowed the pill, and drank the entire drink, i was thirsty and i remember thinking that i hope Sir would feed me tomorrow since i hadn't eaten in 3 days, and thats all i remember as darkness swallowed me. i just nodded my head yes, knowing that whether i liked it or not Sir was going to do just what he said and punch fist me before all was said and done. At this point my entire body was in agony, my feet hurt from the ballet boots, my nipples were stretched at least an inch and felt like they were on fire, my balls had a deep ache in them from the weights and ball stretcher, my sissy cunt felt like a gaping hole and hurt like needles were being poked into it.

Read Passionate Kidnapped, Then Bedpan Bubble Butt Kidnapped, Then Bedpan

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Mmm such good girls very sexy
Miles edgeworth
I love u