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#116123 - (Thank god, looks like I'm going to get a quiet flight this time) Dean Mercer said to himself as he sighed with relief having just flown to LA from New York a couple of days prior to attend a business conference. Up and down she bobbed her head, twisting her hand around the base to add extra stimulation, Dean was totally focused on the young slut beneath him and she was 100 percent engrossed in her cock pleasing efforts before they both heard someone outside the door, Lea paused with her mouth still around Dean’s cock, her tongue though, not stopping as it continued to swirl around his throbbing member, Dean put his ear to the door and heard a female voice complaining what was taking so long, he sighed cursing under his breath at his luck, here he was with a hot, young blonde slurping down his cock only to have it interrupted just as he felt his cum boiling up, just aching to be released into her hungry mouth. “ well if that happens then I'd be more than happy to have you

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Facts its a job and business they are practically co workers