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#111800 - But he shut me up with another mind numbing kiss, the kind that makes your knees go weak and your resolve disappear!!! The power I felt in his arms was incredible, and the sheer force of his personality was enough to make even a very faithful wife forget all about her husband and children!!! When we pulled apart he said softly, You are one of the most beautiful women I have ever seen, and I want you to know, I am going to have you!!! I couldn't believe what was happening, and even more unreal was the fact that I was nodding my head and agreeing with him, me a married woman, making love to a strange black man in a janitor's closet!!! Again, he knew exactly what to say and when to say it, Kaye, have you ever been taken hard, I mean really hard and totally ravished by someone who is insane to have you!?! By now my knees were like Jell-O, and it was all I could do to whisper, N-no, never!!! Turn around, Kaye, he said softly, face away from me and lean against the wa

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Makoto kikuchi
Anyone tryna run duos
Sasami sasasegawa
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