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#20501 - His eyes look blood shot when he looks towards me and the puffiness around them seems to have got worse though it does nothing to dim his good looks. He leans his head up inches from mine, our lips a breath apart. Confused I move away from the spraying water and reach for the phone, two would never interrupt me in the shower without a good reason he knows all too well what I would do at such an interruption “Hello?” I say cautiously into the phone “Hey baby, how are you?” I instantly relax and lean my back against the cool shower wall as the comforting voice of Matthew fills my head “Oh Matty, it’s so good to hear from you, I was just threatening one with calling you, how have you been?” I laugh “I’m good baby girl, what’s she done now?” his voice darkens slightly as I bring up his ex and the fact that she may have done something to piss me off “Oh she tripped and let on to my new slave that we weren’t alone.

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Youko sasakura
Mmm fuck now if they was actually related it would be so much hotter
Karen araragi