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#67683 - whats the name the voice repeated, papillon i spoke, not knowing if it was this or maggies name she wanted, not our name, the name of the woman who gave you our number she said with a hint of laughter(the base sending another tingle down my spine), sorry, her name was maggie, a few seconds past as i heard her tapping on a keyboard, have you a pen and paper?she asked, yes i replied, write this down and don't lose it, 5558639, good luck and with that she hung up. Maggies breathing lengthed noticably, everything you need to know is in her breath, listen carefully to how it changes, the smallest change at the right time will tell you how to proceed gemma whispered, maggies pussy was perfectly presented, everything tucked away and wrapped up like christmas. I walked nervously round and round it for what seemed like forever, i checked my watch again, 7:10, then suddenly a part of the wall opened and out walked maggie wearing a high collared ankle length velvet coat rev

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