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#149285 - Lynda fell to the floor and held Tina up she hacked and coughed as she sobbed Lynda feverishly smacked here face again and again as Tina turned with each smack she cried louder and louder Mommy please stop it hurts so much im so sorry I didn't get dressed she cried as Lynda stood leaving Tina crying on the floor she receded into the fetal position her mind had gone blank she laid their sobbing profusely at the abuse she had just endured at the hands of no less than her parents her world was shattering she hadn't noticed then scene that was unfolding between her parents . Bobby don't talk to him that way Lynda deafened Gene as Bob came back from behind the counter Besides Dad now I can show you part two he said excitedly he hit a note on his key bored and a loud toilet bowl flush sound echoed through the restraunt . Mommy what are you doing she asked in a nervous tone, Bob suddenly slammed the belt down on her bum Shut the fuck up Tina you stupid pie

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You always think i am peter
Rei furuya | tooru amuro
Que porqueira do caralho mas meu pau ainda ta duro
Someone fuck me like dat please lol