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#74959 - After the initial shock started to ware off Jessica looked around found herself on the east 74 interstate alone and not sure what to do, turning in the direction her father had been driving she started walking, Jessica walked until the sun started to set and she though her legs would carry her no further when she came to a sign that read, Welcome to Stepford Jessica's spirits started to perk up a bit, she made it to Stepford, not in the way she had thought but she made it. While Jessica was distracted with Stacey dressing in her clothes Jason moved in close and place the device at Jessica's own clit and pulled the trigger locking the piercing in place and causing Jessica to scream very load, AAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHH Jessica felt the pain in her clit and instantly knew what he had done and started to cry, WOW, we are almost the same size these fit great! Stacey said as she walked around in Jessica's clothes and then moved close to her, picked up a ball gag from Jason

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Naruko yokoshima
Nice opening to the hentai know that took some production time editing and those nipples could put any eye out loved them you guys are hot together well done
She has such a tight pussy