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#312554 - After him saying that, he shoves a vibrator into my ass and turns it to max and straps it in so it wont fall out. Ken O MY GOD, you're a good little cock sucking slut aren't you my boy, sucks Daddy's cock until I cum down your cock hungry mouth, you want my cum don't you? as he proceeded to remove his cock from my mouth just for a moment for me to reply Me Yes Daddy, please dont sto. One early morning, I rolled out of bed and walked downstairs to the kitchen in just a pair of shorts, I'm 6 foot, skinny but defined with a nice 6 inch cock, I seen Ken there in just his boxers while bent over in the fridge with his cute bubble butt hanging in the air.

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Shizuri mugino
Omg that first cumshot
Romio inuzuka
Damn the scream though