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#3130 - She came into the living room and thanked me for the aspirin and for taking her upstairs the night before. “What do you mean?” I replied, trying to deny what I had done “You woke me up when you were eating me out” she said in a relaxed tone “I’m sorry, its just that you looked so hot last night, I couldn’t control myself, please don’t tell mom and dad” I pleaded “Why are you sorry, I didn’t say I didn’t like it, anyways you didn’t answer my question, do you wanna see more?” “Yes” I said again So my sister began to undress in front of me and then she cuddled up to me and with it only being Saturday morning I knew I was gonna have more fun with my sister for the rest of the weekend. Since my sister was still sleeping I figured I would wake her up and give her something for the hangover I was sure she was gonna have.

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