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#89274 - But anyway back to Stevie, My team where warming up on the pitch when the other team came out of the changing rooms, and I saw him for the first time, he was fucking beautiful, my heart jumped I don’t think I had ever fell in love so quickly in my life it was instant, This stunner stood there in his blue football top and white shorts he had dark hair and a smile that just lit up his face, his short black hair and unblemished skin just added to his perfection, he looked about the same age as me 17 years old. I would have crippled him at the first opportunity, my short temper was one of the main reasons that I never got much of a chance to progress further in football, a lot of managers saw me as a liability, but this guy Stevie just took what I dished out, although to be honest there was no serious fouling it was all light stuff, I wanted to molest him not hurt him. The very first time I saw Stevie I was mesmerised, he just took my breath away, I was playing for one team and he was

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Kureto hiiragi
That doggystyle near the end was fire
Ple two
Happy halloween
Kuro matsumi
Her name is noeru mitsushima
Yosuke hanamura
Daje raga