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#311093 - Later I woke up, with gentle evening breezes wafting over me and I felt lonley because my friend had gone, but no his friend was there instead, his mouth up against my mouth, his tongue gently probing and drinking up all the sugar of us both, gently with his tongue he soothed my enflamed parts and drank all the time of hisOh what a way to end a perfect evening, I was in absolute bliss and knew that whatever happened that this evening would never fade from my memory, and I knew that I could take anything until the next time. I hungrily sucked in not one but all four, which by this time were sliding in and out, touching that magic spot just inside my mouth and then reaching inside of me to touch another secret spot, which when touched sent uncontrollable spasms up and down my body and the sweetness of me was pouring forth like a raging torrent. It was like a drug that I had to have many times, my juices were pouring out of me by this time down through the forest and between my cheeks,

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