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#228377 - Raj had asked me if it was OK for her to come as well – he actually asked me in front of her, so I could hardly have refused anyway – but she was one of lifes’ natural beauties, 5’10”, slender, graceful and stunningly elegant in her appearance, so I was hardly going to say ‘No’ – was I! As with most from that continent, she had jet black, dead-straight hair, which in her case extended to the small of her back, and looked SO glossy – you could all but see your face in it. After about the third layer was removed from her upper half, I was astounded to find she had, not the 1950’s style ‘bullet-proof’ brassiere I had expected, but a beautifully delicate and lacy creation in gold and black lace! The sight of her tender young pert breasts filling such a garment and displayed so perfectly turned me on SO much the erection in my trousers was threatening to burst out on its own! I reached out to try and touch her as she turned, figuring that this display was only leading to one thin

Read Pinoy 品川加代子さん(29歳)の場合(Chinese) Hardcore 品川加代子さん(29歳)の場合(Chinese)

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