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#231162 - We lie on the blanket that I have placed an the base of a willow tree, the branches coming down about 4 feet from the ground, giving us some shade from the warm summer sun. You blink as your eyes adjust to the bright summer sun before grabbing my shirt and ripping it open, sending 2 buttons flying off into the bushes. I pick up a strawberry but instead of putting it into your mouth I drop to my knees, take a bite of it and using the moist tip I write in strawberry juice across your chest “Goddess” before licking it all up, you let out a little moan as I lick the second ‘S’ up as the bottom tip of it is just on the exposed upper part of your gorgeous left breast.

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Love the fullmetal alchemist tattoos
Ivan fiore
Quero pau
Francis drake
So sweet and depraved