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#215389 - Tony was a tall guy, he opened the gate to his house and I walked in, several other guys were already there, Steve his partner said hello and I sat chatting, I knew Tony and Steve before, being customers of mine, but had not as yet played with them. Then the heat, his cock swelled bigger still and pushed deeper, his knot swollen to full size as gallons of hot doggy cum flooded me, I was in heaven, no way did I expect such a good fucking, as he slowed pulling back, Tony held him to stop him ripping me open, as cum leaked out every where. I got out of the spa and sat Tony down and slide on his cock, telling donkey dick to dp me, they all looked surprised , saying I would never be able to take them both, but he rubbed his cock and probed my hole, it was tight and he started to give up, with that I grabbed his cock and pushed back hard, and in one go it popped in, and they began to fuck in unison, I loved it, my mouth once more filled with hot cum which I let drip onto Tony’s face as

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