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#92262 - Wilkins, he was totally naked except for his collar and leash, and his penis was erect, obviously in need of an ejaculation!!! He interrupted Miss Carruthers and in a whining voice asked, What are we going to do with her, we can't let her tell anyone, we'll be ruined! Shut your fucking mouth you little asshole, she order, this little cunt isn't going to say anything to anyone, are you dear!!! Miranda shook her head from side to side and said, No ma'am! See, Miss Carruthers crowed, I told you she would keep her mouth shut, now get up and stand in front of her, while giving his leash a hard tug, making the naked principal lurch to his feet until her was standing directly in front of Miranda with his hard penis was pointing straight at her face! Okay honey, you know what to do, said Miss Carruthers, suck him, suck him, and I mean right now! Still terrified, Miranda slowly leaned over, gingerly licking the swollen head of Mr. Looking at the clock, she j

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