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#60417 - TERRY: I would love to pump that sweet ass of hers and make her squeal with pain, (referring to my daughter) WILLY: yeah! I’d like to tie her up and pound her juicy shaven cunt, TERRY: yeah! or make her suck my cock, WILLY: or better still, make her give me a titty wank, They laughed as they continued making hand gestures indicating my daughters breasts, or slapping motions, as if they were riding her from behind, this was seriously turning me on, Just then I heard one of them say, “ let’s go down to her and see if she needs us to rub sun lotion on her back”, this made my stomach heavy with arousal, ‘what were they going to do with my daughter?’, I didn’t know but I was sure going to film it, and I left the room to get my camcorder complete with tripod and a couple of beers, when I got back they were already in my back garden, the two of them slowly walking up to my practically naked teenage daughter, ‘ the wolves were about to attack their prey’, then I noticed one of them had

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Akira toya
Perfect fuck mm
Tomomi aizawa
Damn love how she rides his cock like that so hot
Lion ushiromiya
Damn i want fuck her good
Yuuya sakaki
Omg thats hot