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#210308 - We can hear mummy and my auntie in the kitchen and we both know what would happen if they walked in here now! Uncle Tony makes a half hearted attempt to tell me to stop, just as he starts to unzip his jeans! Holding my skirt up, tucking it under my chin, I slide my hands down to my panties, slip my fingers in the waistband and very slowly looking into his eyes, I push my little white cotton panties down around my thighs, just far enough, so he can see my little wet snatch and the moan that escapes his lips makes my hard little clit start to throb. We heard voices get a little closer, so he stuffed his cock away quickly and at the same time pulled me to my feet, yanking my panties up my legs, patting the front of them, giving me a quick rub of my cum soaked pussy as he told me, You're gonna be late for school little girl, keep my cum in your panties till you get home tonight, thinking about my cum all over your little pussy will keep me hard all day!”. I pull my panties aside an

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