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#170051 - i took his silence as the chance to ask him what with this note? you put in my back pack after about 30 seconds he said i ment what i wrote harvey walked up to me and gradded me by my t-shirt just above my belt i tried to hide my fear but he must have seen it becuase he said i wont hurt you i walked away from harvey and took a seat in the far corner facing away from him after about 10 minutes he came behind me and kneed down then put his hands on my waist i turned round and we stared into each others eyes for what felt like hours i closed my eyes and harvey broke the silence saying open your eyes no i said in a scared but angry tone harvey reached up and kissed me but i kept my eyes closed after hours in the detention room it was time to go home. the guy spoke back and said can have been that happy to my shock britney slapped this guy and kyle too. harvey was at his desk and i said no insults today harvey watched me take my sat and said maybe later then my teacher came in

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