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#417474 - He grabs my head and starts to fuck my mouth hard and fast, I know he is dying to cum by now, I know he is close, he starts telling me how much he loves his cock buried down my throat and I start to moan cause his words are driving me mad, he starts fucking my mouth faster and then I feel him grab my head tight and ram it all the way down my throat until I feel his hot cum pouring down my throat, he keeps thrusting till every drop is sucked dry. We sit there naked on the lounge, me sitting on his lap talking about the surprise, he couldn’t believe I was there, he kept on licking and sucking my right nipple while I was trying to explain more of my surprise, I can’t believe how happy he was. I feel like I’m about to pass out, I can’t move, I can’t breath, my whole both is aching but I feel so amazing.

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