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#260012 - So it began my first lesson of thd day and she went through everything using the best despricption she could but didnt have any diagrams or anything so she just did the best she could. All I knew from about the age of 13 was that I was attracted to girls and I liked their breasts and arses but at that time I had never seen a vagina, but I liked the look of the shape of womens breasts and arses through their clothes I could only imagine what theyd be like in the flesh. She threw my cover over my cock and hugged my head to her chest, not a good idea as her tits were my favourites out of anyones and my cock was twitching under the covers but she didnt notice and just said she was sorry but whay I did was wrong and so it was time I learned about the body and sex education and why what I did was wrong.

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