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#115738 - I don’t why, she had always been mischievous and with a quirky sense of humour. My daughter Kelly Part 3 The end of Kelly part 2 What a feeling I know it had been a while since I had sex but nothing had ever felt as good her tight cunt had been the best I had ever had I had lost my will to her I was a perv so I thought I could have cried if it hadn't been so good,,, Kelly part 2 Thank god it's Saturday I whispered to Kelly to go get a shower and get ready for breakfast I would have loved to stay in bed but looking at the clock I knew the younger ones would be up soon. After coffee I checked the house and shouted time to go I stood at the front door and they all pushed past me and ran to the car, Normally Kelly would jump into the front seat today however Lisa was next to me I made sure they were all strapped in and started to drive away, On the way we dropped Toms friend of making sure he got in his mother came to the door and waved us off.

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