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#48176 - Come over here and lay down next to me There is something I want you to see Hold out your hand and close your eyes I want to give you an erotic surprise Shh… don’t say a word just lay there still I have a secret fantasy to fulfill Won’t you surrender your love to me? You won’t be disappointed just wait and see I will not hurt you I just want to take charge I can already see something in your pants growing large I will move my mouth from your head down to your toes Then work my way back to your thing that grows After I am done I will ride the horse until we are both equally satisfied of course I will take my time to make it last forever I love when our bodies are close together.

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George kurai
Sex and porn is cool and all but have you ever been having a good dream then wake up and do something then go back to sleep and the dream picks up where it left off
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Nurse joy
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