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#17123 - I think he was looking at me a lot on the way to Kelly’s, how did it go, I will tell you but can’t tell anyone promise me (I looked at Kim to say no but then she said) or I will tell everyone about your dog licking your pussy, my eyes nearly popped out of my head Kim just smiled and winked at me, I looked back as if to say really it did happen. ok dad I promise, I was sitting in this compartment on my Owen when this man saw me the train started to move off he ran to the door opened a jumped on he sat straight in front of me, he started to laugh and said I nearly missed it I smiled as the train was going I was looking out the window, I could see his reflection in the window he was looking up my skirt, I pretended to have itch up my leg and started to scratched it as I did it lifted my skirt up I looked at him he was looking up my skit and could my knickers I took my hand away but did not pull my skirt down you could see my knickers. The moans her knees were wobbling somewhat.

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