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#276485 - Once there it extended its long tendrils around Sebastian’s brain, taking full control of his actions, now the boy could no longer control his body, the parasite only allowed him to have external pleasurable sensations The parasite gave orders to the boy’s skinny body to stand up and lay down on the muddy ground, more worms started entering the body through their mosquitoes that they were controlling, their proboscis aimed at the boy’s belly button and from there they started traveling to the organs, specifically the intestines so the worms could live there and reproduce by depositing their eggs, the eggs would eventually come out by the boy’s hairy pale anus. Here the eggs would be safe from any disturbance from the exterior and safe from bugs, the worm in the brain would release a huge amount of dopamine, Sebastian couldn’t move a single limb, only feel pleasure, he could feel how his cock was getting extremely hard, twitching and with its foreskin pulled down.

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Thank you did you like this hentai
Minori saizaki
I wish i could find me an older woman
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Que delicia de bunda
One of the best vids i ve ever seen her moans and begging is unreal