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#173966 - The plane had reached its cruising altitude so everyone unbuckled their belt and automatically the three women gravitated to the gigantic circular bed in the corner of the room while looking at the prince expectantly!!! While motioning Dee to come to him, she could clearly see the outline of his big erection under the thin white robe, which resulted in her knees growing weak and her vagina drenching itself with a gusher of Bartholin's fluid!!! With a nod of his head, the other to women turned to each other in less than a minute were in the midst of a very satisfying session of sixty nine, which only heightened the intense aura of sensuality that permeated the air!!! Ahhhhh, Delilah my lovely, he said softly while pulling her to him, like a delicate flower ready to plucked, you are mine for the taking, as her body molded against his, their kiss sent a shock wave through her already sensitized body that left her head spinning and her vagina in a state of unbelievable desire!!!

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