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#170050 - your mom told me that was your favourt sport when you was younger i said harvey i also thought i was straight when i was younger but it dont mean i wanna relive that it i was secretly playing harvey and when he said wanna go home leon? i said hell no i wanna play but i dont have a tennis uniform HARVEY (making his name bold in my sentence to let him know i was upset he called me my name not babe) harvey handed me a bag and i opened it there was a uniform in my size i said to harvey babe how do you know what size i am? harvey smiled back and said research and winked at me anyway we started playing tennis and i dint just win harvey i slade him winning 3 matches and two games but what i didnt know was harvey had another suprise for me i said can we go babe im hunry harvey went to the car and brought back and load of food and said what would you like to eat i said o wow you went all out.

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Inia sestina
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No hands idk if i could resist not grabding her and making her go down more