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#257696 - I think we have a winner, Kiki said, what do you think?!? Angela looked in the mirror, tried to imagine what she would look like and said, Yeah, I think they look great!!! Good, Kiki replied, now get out of your things so we can get these on you!!! When Angela was naked, Kiki looked her over and said, You really do have a beautiful body, I think Dave is going to love these!!! The bra was cut so that almost the entire breast was exposed, it was really no more than a shelf that helped project the breasts upward, leaving the nipples exposed, while the panties, were of course crotchless, revealing the vaginal crack of anyone wearing them!!! When she was all dressed, Angela looked in the mirror and had to admit she looked pretty good, she had only one question, Do you think that crotchless is too crude!?! Are you kidding, dear, Kiki retorted, it sets off the whole ensemble!!! Angela giggled, the wine had taken its effect, and replied, They do look wicked don't the

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